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GAOCT can be what you want it to be. Get Involved!

There can't be Gujarati Association of Connecticut without members to support them. So If you are a person of Indian Origin, please join the organization by becoming either an Individual or family member. GAOCT preserves, and celebrates your culture and special festivals/events. It provides you with a forum for exchange of social and cultural views. 

If you are a person of Non-Indian Origin, there isn't a better way to learn more about the Indian culture, the people and the country. We understand and value diversity. We appreciate the opportunity to express our heritage to non-Indian members through various multi-cultural programs and other social events.
We encourage you to become a member of Gujarati  Association of Connecticut  and enjoy the benefits.Membership dues help to fund many programs that we bring throughout the year.

With the help of every member, our goals and dreams can be reality. We encourage each and every Indian family to participate in GAOCT by becoming a member and participate in its activities and help us grow.

  • GAOCT is a window into India's cultural heritage. For you, for your youngsters, and for the local New England community
  • GAOCT is an outlet for you and for your youngsters to develop culturally
  • GAOCT is involved in community causes, here and in India
  • Your active participation can make many more things happen in GAOCT

Above all,GAOCT is an organization to belong to, for all of us, who either have roots in India or interest in India and have made our home in Conneciticut. 

GAOCT is a very active organization. It provides activities for adults, children and senior citizens all year round. There are cultural, religious and fun filled activities.  For more information on activities click on items below

Why become a member?

  • Get Discounts at GAOCT event
  • Get discounts on Community Center rental – once a year
  • Be Eligible to send your children to cultural school language classes
  • Senior citizens activities (self or parents)
  • Participate in Community Service activities
  • Network with GAOCT members

you can become a GAOCT member by filling out the membership form and sending in the appropriate fee.

Gujarati Association of Connecticut

The Belvedere
70 Pond Lily Ave. 
New Haven, CT 06515

We welcome you as a member of the Gujarati Association of Connecticut and look forward to your active involvement.

Since 1995 Gujarati Association of Conneticut offers fun-filled activities as well as cultural and community events for all age groups throughout the year. For a nominal fee, your returns are HUGE!
Why join Gujarati Association of Connecticut?

Cultural Connection
Excellent opportunity to become a part of the emerging Indian community. You will meet gujarati professionals, business owners, and have enormous networking opportunities. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a social circle and make new and life long friends. And who knows…you may even find some old connections too!

Celebrations of Festivals
  • We celebrate festivals with true spirit combined with great food and cultural aspects.
  • Holi : One full day of musical events amalgamated with skits & other dance programs.
  • Navratri : GAOCT hires professional Singers/Music Group to perform those melodious Garba/Rass tunes.
  • Diwali : We hire professional entertainment group (coming all the way from India), and serve delicious authentic Gujarati food.

Special Events throughout the year
  • Business Seminars : For your better financial health & future planning.
  • Family Trips : Let’s enjoy the party at a remote place! Cruise? Camping? Charter Tours? Or other.
  • Fun packed Picnics : Great Lunch+Dinner, Great Games, DJ Music, Karaoke, Raffle prizes… Everything under shades of Metro park.
  • Health/Medical Camp : For your better health!

Events for Seniors
  • Seniors Picnic : Let’s meet, eat & socialize under Picnic at a Park!
  • Senior Get-togethers : How about a delicious Gujarati dinner
  • Temple Tours : We conduct 1-3 days temple tours with food, lodging and transportation facilities.

Events for Kids
  • Gujarati Classes : Your opportunity to learn Gujarati 
  • Kids picnic : Fun event for kids with food & games in picnic shelter.
  • Sports events : Play Golf, Volley ball with other kids & adults.
  • Kite flying 
  • Access to mail delivered GURJARI Publication, mailed 5-7 times per year. You will get to know the forthcoming events, special drama, and announcements.
  • Access to GAOCT member directory. Know your fellow Gujaratis.
  • Access to useful information online at GAOCT Website – find out about events, apply memberships, buy events tickets, etc. Samaj Site caters to members with useful & up-to-date information.
  • Have a business? This will be an excellent opportunity to advertise your products/services in GAOCT Events, Publications & Website.
  • Opportunity to become part of GAOCT management committees. Help us make Samaj better and better. Samaj needs you!
  • Volunteering Opportunity: Want to do some Samaj Seva? We always welcome helping hands!

… and much more that cannot be listed in words!   So why wait? Join the growing gujarati community .Becoming part of  GAOCT takes less than 2 minutes of your efforts, so lets get started! 

Youth Forum
GAOCT started a youth group to provide our kids a chance to develop community spirit and leadership abilities; complete volunteer work for their college application; and have fun. This youth group has been a great success last year. This helps introduce our kids to various challenging roles and develop leadership skills.
There are several activities planned for the youth group, such as:

Volunteer work, e.g. group is scheduled to do a 2-hour volunteer work at Community Center every month.
A program to celebrate a day with special significance to Indian community
Entertainment : for example, a day at amusement park, movie or a get together at GAOCT Community Cente
Based on above plan, youth group will be required to meet 6-8 times a year assuming at least one meeting prior to an event and the event itself.
Primary goals for the youth group:
Develop community spirit; give them a venue and opportunity to bond with each other
Develop leadership abilities. This would be useful for their college application as well as any community     activities. E.g GAOCT
Integration of Indian community with the local community, e.g. town or local event planners.
We cannot do any of above without interest and involvement from each one of you. Parents of eligible youth, age 13-18. Please contact : 

Gujarati Association of Connecticut

The Belvedere
70 Pond Lily Ave.
New Haven, CT 06515