Gujarati Association of Connecticut

Gujarati Association of Connecticut (GAOCT) is a 501(c) (3) Non-profit,non-political, non-sectarian organization. It was founded in 1995 and hasbecome an icon in Connecticut community. GAOCT is one of the largestethnic, cultural organizations in the entire New England area. The goal ofGAOCT was to unite all Gujarati people under one roof and to promoteand preserve our culture, heritage, language, social and cultural awareness and respect of Gujarat, India by providing a platform to Gujarati community while serving the community needs.

​GAOCT is one of New England's most vibrant Indian associations. Its programs and activities focus on fostering the cultural heritage of India and enriching the cultural diversity of the region. This non-religious nonpolitical cultural organization is run entirely by volunteers with support and patronage from its growing membership

The foundation of GAOCT is strong due to the hard work and dedication of our past and present Executive Committee and Board of Trustee leaders, volunteers,as well as the on going support from our Gujarati community. The commitment of its strong cohesive membership has never looked back.

GAOCT has served a number of activities and services to communities and youth organizations, cultural activities such as: Garba, Raas, Gujarati drama, lok sangeet, and festival celebration such as, Holi, Navratri and Diwali. our goal remains to increase our membership, invest in the next generation--our youth.

GAOCT is a non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization with a tax-exempt status. We welcome your sponsorship and generous donation.
Ethical and cultural values are amongst the most important assets that we can preserve and pass along to the next generation. It is only with "Unity and Communication" that we can grow and develop our Samaj to ensure that elder and younger generation will be spiritually and culturally enlightened to face the challenges of the future.
Preserve Gujarati cultural and linguistic heritage through diversity and sense of belonging for the upcoming and future generations of the membership.
Preserve and promote Gujarati heritage by providing exposure and opportunity to the membership.

Core Values

Member Driven



Membership defines what is needed. Strive to fulfill membership needs by creating a sense of belonging, counseling and networking to membership.
Promote and maintain diversity in organization management of various committees, EC and BOT. Include various age groups and gender, to create a visible diversity representing. of membership.
Responsibility, Accountability, Honesty and Openness, Self respect and mutual dignity in dealing with one another. EC and BOT strive to meet and exceed the expectation of the membership.

Excel in what we do

Cultural and Education : Priority

Voluntary Services

Leadership and management strive for the best to serve membership thru teamwork, education and the recruitment of dedicated volunteers with a deep commitment to the mission. Leadership and management will reflect quality and excellence in performing all tasks.
Major economic and non-economic resources will be allocated for these activities in order to strive for preservation of our heritage for future generations.
Recognize that all the work is performed by volunteers. Encourage volunteerism. Become a benchmark for Progressive and Volunteer driven organizations. Strive for excellence in communication and consensus building in any decision process, training and succession opportunity.